Community service (volunteering) is to my way of thinking, something to be undertaken at any time; don’t just wait for Global Service Days. But, Global Service Days, as practiced at Treeleaf once every three months, is an important opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves in our practice.

You and I have what we need. There is beauty in letting it go; sharing it!!
The gift of service is boundless and inexhaustible.

There are many ways in which our members help their communities. The following is a list of what a few members have reported:

-I plan to do some charity sewing every month for the next year. There are needs in the world that I had no idea were not being met.

-I recently spent a few hours explaining the benefits and problems of social media to my hospice’s director…maybe it will help them organize their first Facebook page..

-I will once again be sharing the wonderful antics of my pet with my granny and fellow folks at her retirement facility.

-I also will be doing something at school for mentally challenged kids.

-Starting this weekend, and for 3 or 4 weekends more, I’ll be part of a team delivering toys and blankets to children’s hospitals

-My volunteering over the last couple of years has progressed from the commitment of a day four times a year to a new career in social work and environmental advocacy.

-I have become a “Chemo Angel.” I basically, have been assigned to a person who has cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. I write notes/cards of encouragement and send small gifts every week.

-I’m volunteering to assist the caretakers of the aged, infirm, ill, developmentally disabled

-I’m volunteering at the animal shelter.

-I’m going to work one full day for free for a person who just started his business

-I’m volunteering with a local Buddhist group tidy a neglected community garden

Personally, among other volunteer work, back in September, I opened my ‘vinyard’ to any one interested in picking their own. You can’t imagine the various reasons people had to take up this offer


Some just wanted a day in the sun. Others said they welcomed the opportunity to make preserves to tide them over the winter. But, watching the young family that came to provide their children with an educational experience was priceless.

I invite you to please take a few moments to let us know what your contribution to Global Service Days will be.