Hello everyone, our next Global Days of Service period is upon us!

As we approach our next days of service period there will be some of you for whom this is the first time you participate, feel free to view the experiences in past threads of those who have gone out into the world to serve. For others this will be the second or third time that you are being asked to serve your community. If you are feeling stumped on how you may be of service please take a look at some past Global Day of Service – Project Ideas and maybe some inspiration will come up for you.

The idea of a two-week period is to give Treeleafers as much flexibility as possible in scheduling their day of service and at the same time try to create some community and momentum as we work and support one another in relieving the suffering of others in the world.

Also, if you wish to share anonymously please PM myself and I will post it for public viewing within the forum thread.

For some it will be an uncomfortable experiment, for others a welcomed challenge. Either way please know there is no pass or fail … the important part is to try and perform your activity with a kind and sincere heart. Whether that be helping someone in your community, picking up trash in your local park, writing a pen pal letter, cleaning a dirty diaper, or donating money to a family or organization in need … if done with loving kindness there is no difference, no separation.

Please share your experiences here, I’m particularly interested in knowing how the experience and meaning of service has changed for you over time. Thank you again everyone for your time and effort during our Global Days of Service … Happy Sharing! =)

Treeleaf Zendo - Global Days of Service

Please join in and do your part.

In fact, this is part of the “donation” we ask of you for participating in Treeleaf. Our Sangha is Freeing, but not Free … and while we do not impose any required fee for our activities here apart from voluntary donations, we do ask EVERYONE to roll up their sleeves and do something to help those truly in need. Please consider this a mandatory charge! Thus, I am going to ask every single person sitting in our Sangha, without exception, to join in this. This is not simply a matter of writing a check (though that is good too), but rather we will request “hands on” work of some kind taking a day or much of a day. Include the whole family, the kids, and make it a family event! No one type of activity will be required, although some activity is required of you, and there will be an activity suitable for each and all of you to choose, something for everyone despite busy schedules or physical limitations. There is always a way to help.

And here is a bit more on this from me, a talk I gave before our first Global Days a couple of years ago …