Hello everyone,

First off thank you so very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules and undertaking this project with me. The Global Days of Service is a wonderful practice where we can give back to our community or to people who are in need. I understand that not all of you were able to partake in the last two weeks, but know that this practice is not just done on the set dates and times, but is able to be done everyday, every moment. =)

Also just a heads up that the holiday season will be upon us soon enough and I know there will be many ways to lend a hand or support someone in need. So I will be setting another Global Days of Service in the month of December … so keep your eyes pealed.

I hope the wonderful ideas and thoughts from our fellow Sangha members have given you some inspiration or maybe planted the seed for upcoming service days. I look forward to sitting, practicing, and sharing with you all. =)