“Similarly, the offering of only one coin or a blade of grass can cause the arising of good, for the teaching itself is the True Treasure and the True Treasure is the very teaching: we must never desire any reward and we must always share everything we have with others. It is an act of charity to build a ferry or a bridge and all forms of industry are charity if they benefit others.” ~ Dogen Zenji

I hope you are all well and the 2015 is bringing much joy to you and your families. The Global Days of Service are upon us again, well actually, they never leave us. They are there always there when we are engaged with our family members, our neighbours, co-workers, and strangers.

Today is a beautiful sunny day on the West Coast of British Columbia. Thoughts of flowers blooming, grass soon needing to be cut, etc. But not all communities or places in this world are facing this kind of weather. Some areas are being hit with record snowfalls and very cold temperatures. So what can we do? How can we engage in our communities and give back?

Gratitude & Giving

Simple acts of gratitude and giving are everywhere … if your community is hit by a snowstorm, maybe help shovel that extra snow off their sidewalk or driveway. Clean the snow off their vehicle. Help someone maneuver through the maze of snowbanks. Or maybe consider donating those extra blankets or winter jackets to folks who maybe having to face those cold temperatures. Even here on the West Coast we also have ways to support and give back. Helping someone remove the extra dead leaves and junk from the lawns, gutters, cleaning the winter mold and mildew off the sides of their homes, etc. One of the projects I do in my community at this time of year is help my neighbour turn and prepare his soil for the coming spring. He has a ton of flower and veggie beds … so it is hard work and not always the most pleasant thing to be doing, but the reward and the gratitude on his face when all is said and done, is priceless!

So everyone, I again look forward to the changing of seasons and the changing of peoples lives when we engage and support one another. If you have any wonderful ideas to share and support, please feel free. Also know that task may not call to you and that is ok … there are many ways we can help and give back. So please don’t feel pressured. =)

Thank you all again for the wonderful efforts you do … you truly are a beautiful bunch. =)